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Blooms & Rooms can transform your garden beds or your rooms into beautiful and inspiring spaces.  I'll create harmony and balance in your space (and in your life!) by mixing designs, materials, textures and colors to create a true sense of what it really means for you to be home.

With my One-Day Room Makeover or Staging of your Home for Sale,
I work with what you already have, or with newly purchased objets d'art and furnishings, to inject beauty and warmth into your space reflecting your individuality and style, and all in just a few hours!

I combine a love of beautiful living with a passion for creative design, exceptional service, functional success, and budget and schedule control. 

Let Blooms & Rooms help you live beautifully each day ~ because I truly believe you should love the way you live!

The Room Makeover Experience:

As I tell potential ReDesign clients, "I'm your 'every-day' person's decorator.  Give me $1,000 and I'll make it look like we've spent $5,000!"
I stretch my client's decorating dollar by first repurposing items they currently own in a unique and creative way.

I then head out to do a little bargain shopping.  By selecting my room makeover items from TJ Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods, Target, Pier 1 (and of course a dash of Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware and Crate&Barrel get thrown into the design mix), I'm able to create a room that is warm, inviting and full of design inspiration that 'looks' expensive but really isn't.

With my budget-conscious design approach and a little resourceful shopping,
 I believe you truly don't have to spend a lot to get a lot.  And I believe
 that we all deserve to be surrounded by beauty! 

Blooms & Rooms is proud to offer a wide array of design services, including:

Blooms & Rooms is dedicated to providing you with a level of service that is unmatched.  My attention to detail and eye for design ensures a successful, enjoyable and fun garden design, room makeover or home staging experience!

Rooms Services:
.  One-day Room Makeovers (Interior ReDesign), with artful placement
   of existing furniture, accessories & artwork, or newly purchased objets d'art and furnishings, for an entirely new look!
.  Personal Shopping for affordable home accents, furnishings, artwork,
   mirrors, rugs, drapery & hardware, throws, decorative pillows & more
.  Staging of your Home for Sale so that your home is in "show to sell" condition & stands out above the rest commanding
 more money in less time!
.  Color Consultations to help you define a source of color inspiration for
   your home and assist you in selecting your color preferences for paint,
   fabrics, counter surfaces, rugs, window treatments & more
.  ReDesign or Staging Consultations to outline specific enhancement
   suggestions along with simple remedies to create the "look" & style
 you're trying to achieve!
Blooms Services:
.  ReDesign of Existing Garden Beds
. Design of New Beds
.  Container Design & Planting (urns, flower pots & window boxes)
.  Innovative Garden Structures, including flower tepees, rock towers, rustic fire pits & more (see Portfolio for photos)
.  On-site Gardening Consultations can address a variety of needs,
   including plant identification, plant care, site evaluation,
 garden design ideas, project priorities & resource referrals



Interior ReDesign is like a "personal makeover" for your home.
This unique process of rearranging a room's existing contents works whether your furnishings are old or new, if you have a little
 or a lot, all one style or an eclectic mix.

What you currently own may hold the key to
 an entirely new decorating theme!

I work with what you already have to revitalize your room and
create beautiful spaces that offer comfort and serenity and express your personal flair...all without having to purchase anything new
 and completed in just one day!


Real Estate Staging is a new concept incorporating decorating,
 un-decorating, and consolidation.  It's accomplished through a
 combination of home "editing", organizing and the rearrangement
 of furnishings, artwork and accessories.  

The ultimate goal of "staging" is to get your home into showcase condition so that it sells at its best possible price
 in the shortest possible time!

A Staged Home 1) creates a positive first impression in the new home buyer's mind, 2) will stand out from other properties in the same price range, 3) helps obtain the best possible selling price...a well-presented property is often perceived as being well maintained, and 4) tends to sell faster in a slow market and for more in an active market.


Room Makeovers:  $80 per hour
This rate includes time spent on initial consultation and home preview where detailed photos are taken and your needs are discussed in depth. 

Personal Shopping:  $80 per hour
This rate includes time spent searching for (on-line or otherwise), purchasing, returning, exchanging, and on-line and/or phone ordering of decorative items.  This rate also applies to time spent consulting with client on decorative items via texting, e-mailing, on-line or over-the-phone.  This rate also applies to travel time to and from stores, and time necessary to itemize decorative items being ultimately purchased by client after room makeover(s) 'reveal'.  All items purchased by
 Blooms & Rooms for room makeover(s) are subject to client approval.  Client has up to 14 days after Room Makeover is complete to return or exchange a decorative item(s), excluding custom-ordered furniture and pieces.

A personal shopping deposit of $500 - $1,500 is required per room
 (dependent on room size and need) before Blooms & Rooms can begin to
 select and purchase your new decorative items.  Any custom pieces or furniture items must be paid in full prior to Blooms & Rooms placing order. 

Home Staging:  $80 per hour
( most homes can be staged in approximately 4-6 hours)
This rate includes time spent on initial consultation and home preview where photos are taken and your needs are discussed in depth.  Rate also includes time spent putting together a detailed 'action plan' for the home owner to follow to get the home in 'show-to-sell' condition, as well as time spent by Blooms & Rooms actually staging.

Garden & Container Design:  $80 per hour*
* all Garden Design Services are subject to Connecticut State Sales Tax

Consultations:  $80 per hour
This rate includes time spent on initial consultation and home or garden preview where your needs are discussed in depth, and solutions and ideas are offered.  This rate also includes any time spent consulting with client via texting, e-mailing, on-line or over-the-phone regarding decorative accents, furniture items, plants for garden or other design ideas and needs.
My consultations can give you the ideas, inspiration & empowerment you need to get you well on your way to creating truly lovely gardens & interiors!

Travel Surcharge:
For Makeovers, Home Staging, Garden Design & Consultations please note that a travel surcharge of $40 per hour will be billed to clients for distances Blooms & Rooms has to travel that are over 60 minutes round-trip. Thank you for your understanding.

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'Live Beautifully Each Day' 

Christine Blethen Farrey, Owner & IDS Affiliate

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