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Going home is a privilege, not a given.
We want our homes to make us feel safe, warm, comfortable,
 relaxed and happy.  We all want a home that really feels like home.

  The art of design is about using space, light, color and texture to promote good feelings.  The biggest complement anyone can pay me is to walk into one of my rooms I’ve redesigned and say it just makes them feel good.
I’m convinced that a calm, quiet and harmonious interior can be as beneficial to health as a sensible diet and regular exercise.

When I design, it comes straight from the heart.   It’s an organic and intuitive process for me that takes shape as I get to know you, my client, and what makes you who you are…your likes & dislikes, your tastes
 and preferences, your personal style, colors that bring you joy, images or photographs that somehow remind you of something beautiful you have experienced, certain memories that bring you back to times of happiness, or objects
you’ve collected over time that have a special meaning.

I realize that the world around me, and that you, my client, are a rich visual source of design inspiration.   I’ve learned to look not just with my eyes, but with my heart.  I do my best to find things that connect with you, and thereby allow you to truly connect with your home.  The truth is that style and taste are all relative.  It’s not a question of whether or not someone has good taste.  It is how something feels to the individual.

Blooms & Rooms is for all those people who love their homes
 and want to be IN LOVE with their homes.
I can promise you I'll pour my heart into yours!


MY PHILOSOPHY:  I am passionate about design.  I believe your home and your gardens should be an expression of you, your family and your lifestyle.  I'm devoted to the idea that your home can be an endless source of inspiration, and that any room or garden offers unique creative opportunities.  My goal is to create for you an environment that's as joyous and nurturing as it is beautiful.

~  Christine Blethen Farrey, Owner
Affiliate Member of the Interior Design Society


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