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Christine Blethen Farrey, Founder & Owner

Born and raised in Seattle, Washington with all its unique character and charm and surrounded by a breathtaking natural beauty, I've always had an affinity for elements of creative design and aesthetics.  I currently reside with my husband, Tom, and our three active children in the picturesque Farmington River Valley of central Connecticut, where the meandering river water and lush landscape continually
 remind me of my Pacific Northwest roots.

I received my Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing and Organizational Management from the University of Colorado, Leeds School of Business, Boulder.  After spending over 10 years in thChristine Blethen Farrey, Founder and Owner of Blooms & Rooms e newspaper publishing industry, this mother of three decided to marry purpose with passion and pursue her dream of bringing beauty, form, function and style into the gardens and homes of others.

I've spent the past several years pouring my creative energy, keen eye for detail and passion for design into the building and decorating of our family's home.  I made it my personal goal to bring comfort, style and personality into each and every room, with the end result being a warm and inviting home full of design inspiration.

I've used our gardens as an opportunity to bring that same sense of design inspiration to the outside of our home as well.  I've personally designed and installed up to a dozen perennial beds, a privacy berm, planting islands, deciduous and evergreen trees, shade gardens, and innovative garden structures including flower tepees, rock towers and fire pits.  I pay particular attention to plant form and texture, and year-round interest and color.  I believe that gardens should be designed to inspire and stimulate the imagination, and that creating beautiful spaces that connect one to the world of nature is good for the soul.

"Flower gardens are living kaleidoscopes of ever-shifting patterns and
 color that provide a refreshing and spirit-nurturing beauty..." 

My passion for both interior and garden design is reflected in the beautiful surroundings that I create, as evidenced by the many homes I've worked on in the area.  I hope you'll give me the opportunity to invite me into yours! 

~  Christine Blethen Farrey, Owner
Affiliate Member of the Interior Design Society

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